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The composition Freda is a great tune for practicing double tonguing, but a bit hard to play in the original key. It’s recorded by the Yellowjackets and you will find it on the Greenhouse album, one of my favorite albums by them. So I transposed it to C (for Bb trumpet) which is a bit easier on the fingers (and embouchure)… N.B. for educational purposes only.

A. Goedicke – Concert Etude


Here the trumpet part and a video with the piano accompaniment. Alexander Fyodorovich Goedicke  (1877 – 1957) was a Russian composer and pianist. Goedicke was a professor at Moscow Conservatory. With no formal training in composition, he studied piano at the Moscow Conservatory with Galli, Pavel Pabst and Vasily Safonov. Goedicke won the Anton Rubinstein Competition in 1900. Despite his lack of traditional guidance, his compositional efforts were rewarded when he won the Rubinstein Prize for Composition at the young age of…
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Mazas in various keys


Here are 4 etudes written by Mazas (for violin) adapted for trumpet and transposed in various keys. Jacques Féréol Mazas (born 23 September 1782 in Lavaur – died 26 August 1849 in Bordeaux) was a French composer, conductor, violinist, and pedagogue. His compositions for violin are, for the most part, studies and duets for young string players of all abilities that constitute methods for both violin and viola. Here a link to  free scores of his compositions

G. Martini – Toccata in D

Maurice Andre 1966

Here are 2 solo transcriptions of “Toccata in D” for trumpet and organ written by Giambattia Martini (1706-1784). I wrote out the piccolo trumpet parts as played by Maurice André and Ole Edvard Antonsen, both excellent recordings. First the solo transcription of the master…Maurice André. This transcription of Ole Edvard Antonsen is from his album “Popular pieces for Trumpet and Organ”, but he also put a practicing video on his Facebook page.  

Hub van Laar shop visit

van Laar

Yesterday I visited Hub van Laar to say hello and see what’s new in his shop. I had a concert in Maastricht with the Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw so could not resist to visit Hub to check out out his latest models. He was busy making some new instruments for the upcoming ITG so after drinking some coffee he displayed a couple of his latest models. Some trumpets didn’t have a model number stamped on it so I could try them quite open-minded without prejudice. After…
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