Exercises & Trumpet Methods

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Method for the Cornet

Exercise #4


– Scalefinder

“10 Scale Exercises”

major –> altered

major – minor

minor : melodic –> harmonic

major scales- Varation I

major scales – Varation II

major scales – Varation III

minor scales – Varation I

minor scales – Varation II

minor scales – Varation III

Jazz Chords by Joe Good

Jazz Scales in 12 Keys by Joe Good

Major scales in a latin feel

Major scales in funky feel

Minor scales in a R&B feel

Minor scales in latin feel

Minor scales on a Dance beat

all 5 in 1 zipfile


Scales & Exercises


I t/m VI


Whole tones

I t/m XII

Warm Ups & Bill Adam routine

Warm Ups & more

Bill Adam routine by Bob Baca

Your daily exercises

week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

Staccato & tonguing exercises


VIII (ex. 1-10)

W. Fitzenhagen, Op. 28 “Prelude” (in 4 keys)

2 staccato tonguing exercises in several keys

10 Double Tonguing Exercises



Moto Perpetuo (Wynton Marsalis & Rafael Méndez)

Moto Perpetuo (1st part in various keys)

Mendelssohn – Perpetuum Mobile

zip file

More staccato (and endurance) exercises

5 Staccato Scetches

5 Staccato Scetches #2

5 Staccato Scetches #3

6 Medium Staccato exercises

6 Short Staccato Exercises

8 Single Tongue Staccato exercises in various keys

10 Short Staccato Studies

Kayser Etude No.26 in various keys

 Kreutzer, Sonata II, Allegretto in various key

Arban & Bach staccato exercises

Arban – Fantaisie and Variations no.1 (var III) in all keys

Arban – Fantaisie and Variations No.1 (adapted for tonguing)

Arban – Fantaisie and Variations No.2 (adapted for tonguing)

Arban – Fantaisie Brillante No.3 (var III) in all keys

Arban – Variations Sur La Tyrolienne No.4 (adapted for tonguing)

Arban – Variations on a song No.5 (adapted for tonguing)

Arban – Air Varié No.7

Arban – Caprice and Variations No.8 (var III) in all keys

Arban – Fantaisie and Variations no.9 (var III) in all keys

Arban – Carnaval de Venice No.11 (var II) in all keys

Arban – Variations on “Casta Diva” No.12 (adapted for tonguing)

Arban ex. 29. page 32 (in all keys)

Arban’s “Blue Bells of Scotland” (adapted for tonguing)

Bach BWV592 (double tonguing exercise)

Bach BWV819 in various key

Mexican Hat Dance

Rafael Méndez – Samba Gitana

Lip slurs


Chord Studies – major

I – XI




5 Notes Patterns

Chord Progressions in minor

Chord Progression in 3/4


I t/m IV


I t/m VI

4 exercise with 2 triads: “2 Triads exercises”

10 “2 Triads Turnaround” exercises

“Spanish Triads”


I t/m V


I t/m IV

V7 & II-V-I patterns

I t/m II


Coltrane Changes

zip file

Clifford Brown licks




Pent-Up House Licks

Technical studies



The trumpetsolo from “Petrouchka” (Strawinsky) in 12 keys.

High register & Endurance

Kayser – Etudes in various keys

Frans Brüggen “3 Studies for Finger Control”

 Embouchure Drill

5 Drill exercises for your Lead Chops

Lead part of “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”

“Upper Register Etudes” by James Stamp


Upper Register Etude #1

Upper Register Etude #2

Upper Register Etude #3

Upper Register Etude #4

Upper Register Etude #5


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Arnold Jacobs

Arnold Jacobs almost Live (videos of his masterclass)

Windsongpress (lot’s of links)

O.J.’s trumpet page

Arnold Jacobs Masterclass 1973

“The Evolution of ArnoldJjacobs’s Pedagogical Approach”

Song and WindLasting_Change

Balanced Embouchure

The Balanced Embouchure – Jeff Smiley

Trumpetherald – The Balanced Embouchure

Bert Lochs

Bill Adam

Bill Adam Tribute Website


Trumpetherald – Bill Adam

MSU – Trumpet Student Materials

Craigt Weddell : The Bill Adam Lineage

The Bill Adam Routine

“A tribute to William Adam” door Robert Baca

Carmine Caruso

Letters from New York : The Carmine Caruso Method

Letters from New York : Carmine Caruso and the six notes

Trumpetherald – Carmine Caruso

O.J.’s trumpet page

Carmine Caruso Tribute

Claude Gordon

Claude Gordon – official site

“K” tongue modified by Claude Gordon

Claude Gordon’s Approach by Jeff Purtle

Some of my favorite Claude Gordon quotes

Matt Graves

O.J.’s trumpet page

Paul Gacia on GG

Trumpetherald – Claude Gordon

Donald S. Reinhardt

Trumpetherald – Donald S. Reinhardt

The Reinhardt Foundation

An Introduction to Donald S. Reinhardt’s Pivot System

James Stamp

Trumpetherald – James Stamp

O.J.’s trumpet page

Bert Truax

Malcolm McNab’s teachers

Mystery to Mastery

Greg Spence – official site


Babh Civiletti

Jerome Callet


Trumpetherald – Jerome Callet

O.J.’s trumpet page

Trumpet Pedagogy
“Trumpet Pedagogy” by David R. Hickman

More interesting links

LIVmusic (articles of Craig Morris)

The elements of a good embouchure

The trumpet player’s libary

Excerpts of lessons from Don Jacoby

TPIN – Trumpet Players’ International Network

Bobby Shew – clinic

Pops Trumpet College (Clint McLaughlin)

O.J.’s Trumpet Page (met Maurice Andre, Rafael Mendez)

Trumpet Playing Thoughts

“Perfecting Your Practice for Peak Performance?” by Mick Hesse

the Tastee Brothers (spelen alles 2 oktaven hoger !!!)

Roddy Trumpet (intervieuws, Cat Anderson trumpet method)

Brasstactics by Chase Sanborn

Donavan Bankhead – www.trumpetplayer.net

Eddie Lewis – veel gratis materiaal + boek recensies

videos of Yamaha clinics : click “launch”

Artisthouse Music clinics : click “launch”

Mike Vax trumpet playing tips

Vaughn Nark : The Lead Trumpeter – An Ultimate Interpreter

Vaughn Nark : The Embouchure – The Trumpeter’s Fuel Injector

Trager Trumpet Talk

Jazz Patterns on jazz-sax.com

II-V-I Patterns by Eric Dannewitz (289 pages)

Breckerisms (41 pages)


Coltrane Changes (140 pages)

Dave Liebman II-V-I Patterns

Dave Liebman Modal Patterns

Dominant 7th Cycle

Dominant 7th Resolutions (52 pages)

Exercises for the Jazz Musician (66 pages)

Major 7th Cycle

Minor 7th Cycle 1

Minor 7th Cycle 2

Minor 7th Cycle 3

Paul Contos II-V-I Patterns

Paul Contos Major Patterns

Rhythm Changes

N.B. These exercises are originally written for tenor saxophone, so they could be a bit high… so you could also use them as high register exercises.