The Best Off Play 'em Right!This book is a compilation of 40 great pieces from the series Play 'em right.
The series features 6 seperate books in jazz, rock and latin styles, the best of which have now been combined into one volume. The accompanying CD contains newly arranged backing tracks for every piece alongside demonstration performances.
Now, what can go wrong? Let's Play 'em right!
NewSwing8 swinging play-along pieces with live big band in the "Brian Setzer style"!
Play'emRight_play-alongThe Play 'em Right series is intended for wind instrumentalist who want to become versed in popular music (including latin, jazz and rock). This book includes a cd, so you can have a "live" band accompany you. Each piece ist first demonstrated on the cd by Allen Vizzutti.
Play'emRight_duetsThis duet book in the Play 'em Right serie has 12 duets in various styles.
JD cover.indd12 Jazz Duets is a volume of wonderful pieces for two players - nice and jazzy, just like the title suggests. The pieces have been written for the advanced trumpet player and are essentially intended to be played together with a fellow musician at the same level. But you can also use them on your own, as the CD contains demo tracks, play-along tracks and tracks with the added first or second part. Each duet is based on the chord scheme of a jazz standard, so you can also improvise to the backing. In short: a wealth of possibilities for the jazz lover!
Section 3Section 3 indicates that the pieces in this book are written for three players from one instrumental section in an ensemble. They can be used in several ways. It could be an opportunity to direct the spotlight onto one section of the band (or orchestra) for example. There are also occasions when, rather than the entire ensemble, just a small group of players is needed. Another possibility is to play these pieces with fellow students, in class, at home, or in examinations. With the music in Section 3 you will make an impression everywhere. The pieces are all in modern styles and accompanied by lively dance rhythms. You’ll find musical styles known in North America and Europe, like Dance, Trance, R&B, Trip Hop, but also music from warmer regions, such as Conga, Salsa and Samba, music for which we use the general term ‘Latin’. The whole thing is even groovier when a drummer joins in,an extra percussion part is provided for this purpose. But if you lack a real drummer, you don’t have to do without the rhythm part as it is recorded on the CD.
Swing StartersThis book is written for students around grade 2-3 who would like to learn to swing. The book contains 20 exercises + 2 bonus tracks incl. cd and has a extra booklet with part 2 and part 3 of the same exercise. So you can play together with 3 (different) instruments along with the cd. But you can also swing alone...
All JazzEleven pieces in Swinging styles for Trumpet, Flugel Horn or Cornet. Includes Play-along CD.
Play'emRight_moreplay-alongMore play-alongs in the Play ‘em right! serie:

That’s Funky!
Gimme, Gimme
Follow the Lead
Killer Moe
Gothic Blues
City Talk
Come Fry with me
Serious SaxEen saxofoon methode voor gevorderden. Voor dit boek heb ik diverse etudes en duetten gecomponeerd.
Steven Mead FusionA legend in euphonium circles, Steven Mead presents five songs in pop/jazz/fusion style - rare for the euphonium - in this exciting book/CD pack. Includes an introduction by Mead, and these fantastic songs to play along with: Break Down JB & MP Little G
Steven in JazzTen hot and spicy pieces for the Euphonium, exploring the characteristic sounds of the Latin and Jazz/Rock styles, all written by Brass-ace Steven Mead.

The accompanying CD features Mead himself, alongside his own professional Jazz band, as they demonstrate each tune in true style before providing you with your own backing track. There's even full chord symbols, so that other musicians can jam along too!
Jiggs Whigham FusionJiggs Whigham, internationally acclaimed trombonist, bandleader and educator, presents five trombone solos complete with an accompaniment CD to enhance practice or performance! Titles include: Black Cat, Black Hat Highway Drive Hot Tamele Little Girl
Chris Vadala FusionFeatures 5 solos for alto saxophone with written improvisations from this popular jazz/classical performer and educator. Includes a full-demo CD with Vadala playing the pieces himself. Titles include: Break Down, JB & MP, Summercamp, Little Girl & Picture This!.
AllenVizzuti_Fusion2Allen Vizzutti Fusion Vol. 1 & 2

Each book/CD play-along pack features 5 solos for Bb trumpet with written improvisations. The accompanying CD includes two versions of each piece: one full-demo track played by Allen Vizzutti, and one accompaniment-only track.
Voorbeeld-repertoire AltsaxofoonIn dit boek staan nieuw gecomponeerde muziekstukken die je kunt gebruiken voor je B-examen. Bekende componisten van blaasmuziek zijn hiervoor speciaal achter de componeertafel gaan zitten en bedachten dit nieuwe repertoire. Het stuk "Irish Cofee" is van mijn hand en wordt begeleid door piano (op cd).
HLS-speelboek-2-saxHoren lezen & spelen 2 Speelboek Trompet/Bugel/Bariton/Euphonium (G-sleutel) is een prachtig speelboek om mee te oefenen. Dit boek is door meerdere componisten gemaakt om voor de speler aan zijn/haar wensen te voldoen. Zo kun met Horen lezen & spelen 2 Speelboek Trompet/Bugel/Bariton/Euphonium (G-sleutel) je op verschillende manieren je lessen volgen. De stukken zijn geschreven en geschikt voor concert als examen materiaal. Voor vele die de Horen lezen & spelen 2 Speelboek Trompet/Bugel/Bariton/Euphonium (G-sleutel) gaan oefenen zullen ervaren dat het boek niet moeilijk is. Dit komt grotendeels door de manier waarom alles wordt uitgelegd en geen langdradige lessen meer.
DHP 1013034-401Als aanvulling op deel 3 worden hier verschillende muziekstijlen gepresenteerd: van barok en klassiek via jazz tot pop. Afwisselende stukken dus, die je alleen of samen met een pianist kunt spelen op een concert – of zelfs bij een examen. De pianobegeleidingen zijn afzonderlijk verkrijgbaar. Inhoud: Free Time • Klezmerantics • Ring for a Swing • Dancing Dalmatians • Sonata Nr. 4 • Brazilian Beat e.a.
Book_9StueckeFuerSpielmannszugfloeteWith one composition of mine: "Wiener Schnitzel"