3 french modern etude books

I discovered some interesting etudes I wanted to give some attention to. The first 10 etudes are written by Raymond Sabarich, the teacher of Maurice André at the Paris Conservatory. The 2nd book is by Marcel Bitsch, a french composer. He studied at the Conservatoire de Paris and also was professor of counterpoint there. His book contains 20 modern etudes and the 3rd one is a collection of 27 modern etudes, which you can find in the 3rd part of this Arban book.

3 French Etude books

I discovered this books through Youtube, on which you can find some great performances of these etudes.Philippe Litzler recorded the 1st book, David Baldwin recorded the 2nd book and Stéphane Gourvat recorded 7 etudes from the Arban book. I can recommend them all to you for musical and practice reasons. They are very challenging and fun to play.

You will find more examples of these great etudes on YouTube.

Stéphane Gourvat_ Études françaises trompettes