Kayser: 27 Elementary and Progressive Studies

Kayser’s Elementary and Progressive Studies for the violin have been expertly adapted for the trumpet by Erik Veldkamp in this new qPress edition. While these studies may be considered “elementary” on a stringed instrument, for us brass players they progress from intermediate to advanced level. Guaranteed to challenge your endurance, range, and flexibility, these studies are wonderful material for the advancing player looking for new material to push their boundaries.

This is the third of a large collection we have entitled “Veldkamp’s Advanced Study Collection”. Each of these books has been adapted and arranged for the modern player who is looking for material that pushes the envelope. As the challenges given to the modern player are always increasing, we need material that will push our limits, increase our range, test our endurance, and make sure that we are ready for anything that could be thrown at us in a professional setting.