30 Play-Alongs in All Styles Level 2

This is the 2nd book in a 5 book series of play alongs in all styles for trumpet. Each book has a mixture of originals and arrangements, each tune is in a completely different style, and each book is a collection of solos appropriate to a specific level of playing ability.

30 Play-Alongs Level 2 is at a Beginner + level. All of the same great styles are covered, with some amazing new ones as well, but the range is just starting to expand toward the top of the staff. In this huge collection you will find all original tunes that cover the usual styles like classical, jazz, and rock, but it also goes much deeper and hit styles like trance/dance music, Irish fiddle tunes, Jamaican, and Disco. There is no other set of books out there that will deliver on originality and RELEVANCE for your students.

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