12 Musettes for the advanced player

“This collection of 12 Waltzes for Advanced Trumpet Players, or “12 Musettes” is an incredible collection of 100% original tunes from Erik Veldkamp. If you are familiar with the rest of Erik’s work, you know that virtuosic music is not out of character for him, but this series was different. He practiced hard himself to put down perfect takes of each tune (which are included with a purchase) and the backing tracks are amongst the finest sounding play-alongs you will ever hear.

To the left you will see the first page of Waltzes 1, 3, and 10, and below you can hear Erik play them through in entirety. These are equally at home on the trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn, and you can hear a great flugelhorn example below. These are absolute gems, you are going to love playing through this book!”

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