20 Jazzy Duets

“The latest jazz trumpet duet book by Erik Veldkamp is a stunner. These 20 Jazzy Duets are at an intermediate+ level, taking playing up to high C and pushing them to play within a variety of jazz styles. You will hear swing tunes, jazz waltzes, up-tempo swing, and fast bop tunes that will keep you challenged and engaged.

These include complete recordings by the author of every duet so you can get the style and inflection in your ear before you begin, making it ideal for studio and lesson use where experience is necessary.

Below you can hear Duet No.3 and to the left you can get the chart for free. So, go grab your horn and play along. Then get an immediate digital download above when you are ready. You won’t regret it!”

More info about this book on the qPress  website