20 Tone Studies & Vocalises

My new book with my take on flow studies is out:

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The book “20 Tone Studies & Vocalises” contains melodic etudes where the player should focus on a beautiful sound. I have included phrasing bows over each phrase so you have to play phrases and not each note by itself (think horizontal, not vertical). By doing this, you will notice that your air support will be triggered, which as a result will help you with the difficult intervals and high notes because there is more energy behind the phrases. The air has to be active, not passive, and you can only achieve this by playing as beautifully as possible. A dull sound will not instigate air support, and the opposite is impossible as well. Playing with a bit of vibrato on the longer notes will help you focus on the core of the sound. Sing through the instrument!

Study no. 20 is a fun exercise to force you to visualise the note in your head before you play it. If you don’t hear the right pitch and sound in your head before you play it, you will have trouble playing this exercise.”