40 Swinging Trios released!

My 40 Swinging Trumpet Trios for trumpet players. These forty trios are arranged in a progressive manner, and include audio play-alongs, so you’ll be able to find music that is suitable for players at a variety of levels (and even individuals!). The books draw on a great mixture of jazz standards and Veldkamp originals to keep you, and audiences, engaged. Equally at home in the practice room, studio class, or recital, these 40 Swinging Trumpet Trios are a great addition to any library.

You can purchase the full set of 40 at a discount from release day, or you can grab the volumes of 20 each individually. You receive not only a a book with a full score to play off, you also get full sets of individual parts. Also included are a full set of demo recordings played by Erik himself, and another full set of MP3s with the lead part left out so you can play along and play the lead.