My Favorite Studies

Here a collection of my favorite staccato exercises which I use to build endurance. I try to study new material every day, but these exercises (by Gillet, Dont, Kayser, Kreutzer, Mille, etc.) I play more often compared to other studies.  I find that to build endurance you have to play them as soft as you can, to get more focus in the embouchure (I mostly practice in cup mute at a mf volume, a cup mute gives me a bit more resistance which I find helpful). By practicing soft the lips stay together and you don’t blow them apart, you get more control. Take a break if you get tired and don’t worry if you miss a high note, it’s just an exercise. You will play them next time when you have more endurance! I try to take a pause of a couple of minutes after each exercise or sooner if I feel I get tired. The muscles have to recover to build strength.

(Some of) My Favorite Studies

Another favorite staccato study of mine is “Moto Perpetuo” written by Niccolò Paganini. Here are 2 versions, in C (as played by Rafael Mendez) and in G (as played by Wynton Marsalis) which is a bit easier for the chops. Because this piece is very very hard to play, I just play parts of it, or sometimes the 1st part in a different key. Sometimes slow in single tongue, other times a bit faster with double tonguing.

zip file

Moto Perpetuo (1st part in various keys)